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privacy policy

When you use our website, some sites may ask for your personal information.

The information we will ask you is when providing Fine Machine Kataoka Co., Ltd. product information such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number, address, and billing address, as well as information related to product information. Your personal information, which is necessary for the occasion, is the main thing. In addition, for the purpose of improving customer convenience, we may ask questions about other information, but this is something that customers can select, except for the minimum required items. It can be provided by the customer.
Fine Machine Kataoka Co., Ltd. will not change the information it asks for without your consent.

Please be aware that the information you provide may be notified to third parties depending on the type of services on our website.
(For example, this may be the case where the name and address of a customer are notified to a company that has entrusted services such as delivery)

As a general rule, we do not disclose, leak or provide personal information of users to third parties.
However, this shall not apply if disclosure or provision is permitted by law.

The above policy may be revised.
In this case, all revisions will be notified on this website.

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