Fine Machine Kataoka Co., Ltd.                                    Fine Machine Kataoka Co., Ltd.

 President's Message

Fine Machine KATAOKA Co., Ltd. has its roots in Aichi Prefecture. Aichi is home to Japan's major auto mobile manufacturers, and I think it is one of Japan's top producers of industrial products in terms of production capacity and advanced technologies. Growing up in this fortunate region, our company has gained an excellent reputation both inside and outside of the industry. Through conducting our business, we have learned that the key to popularizing Japanese industrial products throughout the world is to improve the precision of components. We have an extensive lineup of cleaning technologies, which are essential for improving the precision of components, and develop, produce, and provide after-sales services for industrial washing equipment. Going forward, we will continue to support the improvement of ever-evolving industrial product quality with our superior cleaning technologies, and contribute to society through our corporate concept of "Quality drives the future."

The reliable technology that the times demand

Providing competitive advanced technology
Providing competitive cost performance
Quick and accurate maintenance follow-up

Challenge to global standards

Kataoka has established standardization (catalog product) for basic models ahead of the industry.
Through thorough in-house production of core technologies from development to production and after-follow, we have built a system that can respond quickly to customer needs and the needs of the times.
Kataooka's total system will continue to evolve and will continue to challenge until it is recognized as an industry standard.

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